Grafvitnir "NâHásh"


Temple ov Perversion "Temple ov Perversion" LP/digital

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Release date 18/10/2019

NO LIGHT! TEMPLE OV PERVERSION play black metal in the old vein exclusively!.

Dödfödd "Stigma" cd/LP/digital

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Release date 11/10/2019

Go wherever you want with this, or go nowhere at all; simply breathe deeply and EXIST in the ouroboros-like moment that is Stigma.

Suspiral "Chasm" cd/LP/digital

CD / LP / Limited swamp green with black smoke

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Release date 10/05/2019

Galician mystical black death sorcerers Suspiral were formed in 2014 by the will of A.T. (Sheidim, Black Earth, Krossfyre) and M.S. (Arkaik Excruciation, Sudaria, Scythe), after the duo had envisioned a black/death entity of otherworldly and alien traits dominated by two opposite but coexisting souls: on one side the raw and unforgiving darkness and aggression of bands like Thou Shalt Suffer, Necrovore, early Emperor and Satyricon, Katharsis, Sadistik Exekution, Beherit, Samael, along with the repetitive, vorticose and abstract patterns of more ritualistic, trance inducing, and meditative entities like Ash Ra Tempel and other Kraut and drone bands on the other. The improbable sonic design was meticulously planned and executed by the duo and that same year their debut EP Dawn of Kezef saw the light spawned in a wake of ruinous black/death destruction set against a chasm of disorienting and sensorially devastating psychedelic patterns and repetitions. The rawer sound of the debut EP soon evolved into what became their mind-alterating debut album Delve into the Mysteries of Transcendence, released in 2016 on famed Italian extreme metal label I Voidhanger Records. While maintaining its otherworldly and devastating black/death metal assault, Delve into the Mysteries of Transcendence, was an album drenched in a dense and enveloping atmosphere of mystery and of alien spychedelic mysticism, and was conceptually rooted in experiences with psychoactive drugs as a means of transcendence, and more specifically with experiences obtained under the influence of DMT. The end result was an album of unfathomable destruction and darkness and of ungraspable mysticism which punished the flesh and battered the mind with an unforgiving and aberrant psychedelic assault on the senses. The band’s second full length entitled Chasm is slated for a 2019 release on Sentient Ruin in the USA and Clavis Secretorvm in Europe, and is yet another sensorially devastating work which further dramatizes the band’s innate and ever-evolving duality of unrelenting and lawless black/death sonic annihilation juxtaposed to its deeply mystical and entrancing atmospheres.

Kafirun "Eschaton" LP

Black vinyl or on limited gold vinyl with inner sleeve. Release date 11/01/2019

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A new true god that breeds its new self, purified and sanctified in chaos without an end nor a beginning: here stands KAFIRUN.

Shaidar Logoth "Chapter II: The Ritualist" LP

Only/all black vinyl. Comes housed in a custom fold-over cover + insert completely printed with spot color metallic silver ink on heavy charcoal black cardboard.

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on Concilium here
Release date 03/08/2018 on Black LP/digital

Originally released in 2015 by cult tape label Sol Y Nieve on a limited run of tapes, Shaidar Logoth's towering and imposing black metal masterpiece Chapter II: The Ritualist went all but unnoticed and now finally sees its first ever release on vinyl through a staggering audio-visual presentation customized to fit the utter majesty and uniqueness of the music. With The Ritualist Shaidar Logoth have unchained a black metal beast of utmost dread and unshackeled it of any form or restraint to let its turbulent and primordial instinct roam free to find its inevitable fate in inexorable chaos and destruction. Within these four vast movements of sickeningly magnificent atmospherics and dismal aural torment the listener will face the same infernal hallucinations and blood-chilling premonitions of horror and afflcition which have famously plagued other secretive and reticent black metal projects like Leviathan, Katharsis, Blut Aus Nord, S.V.E.S.T., Skaphe etc.

DSKNT "PhSPHR Entropy"

DSKNT creates hermetic, opaque, experimental, polymorphic and abstract black metal exclusively glorifying and worshiping the annihilation of all existence.

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Release date 04/12/2017 on digipack/digital


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