Kafirun "Eschaton" LP

Black vinyl or on limited gold vinyl with inner sleeve. Release date 11/01/2019

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A new true god that breeds its new self, purified and sanctified in chaos without an end nor a beginning: here stands KAFIRUN.

Shaidar Logoth "Chapter II: The Ritualist" LP

Only/all black vinyl. Comes housed in a custom fold-over cover + insert completely printed with spot color metallic silver ink on heavy charcoal black cardboard.

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Release date 03/08/2018 on Black LP/digital

Originally released in 2015 by cult tape label Sol Y Nieve on a limited run of tapes, Shaidar Logoth's towering and imposing black metal masterpiece Chapter II: The Ritualist went all but unnoticed and now finally sees its first ever release on vinyl through a staggering audio-visual presentation customized to fit the utter majesty and uniqueness of the music. With The Ritualist Shaidar Logoth have unchained a black metal beast of utmost dread and unshackeled it of any form or restraint to let its turbulent and primordial instinct roam free to find its inevitable fate in inexorable chaos and destruction. Within these four vast movements of sickeningly magnificent atmospherics and dismal aural torment the listener will face the same infernal hallucinations and blood-chilling premonitions of horror and afflcition which have famously plagued other secretive and reticent black metal projects like Leviathan, Katharsis, Blut Aus Nord, S.V.E.S.T., Skaphe etc.

DSKNT "PhSPHR Entropy"

DSKNT creates hermetic, opaque, experimental, polymorphic and abstract black metal exclusively glorifying and worshiping the annihilation of all existence.

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Release date 04/12/2017 on digipack/digital


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