B  L  A  K  K    O  L  D    B  L  O  O  D 

GREED (2016 - Clavis Secretorvm, 12")

Track list:

Side A

1. Misantrop
2. Intermezzo
3. Thou are the Dragon

Side B
1. The seed of greed

Release 13/05/2016

Blakk Old Blood vs Black Devotion (2016 - Clavis Secretorvm, 7")

Track list:

Side A

1. Seven chants

Side B

1. Prophets of the black arts of Samael

Release 13/05/2016


Pictures taken thanks to Eisa


Blakk Old Blood

Blakk Old Blood was originally born in 2012 as a project of experienced and devoted musicians from bands such as Asag, Deathcult, and Antiversum to resurerrect the old blood and the spirit Black Metal had back then in the time the musicians grew up. In less then a year the first of the 7 cardinal sins “Pride” was recorded and self released as a demo consisting of 5 unholy and satanic chants. And Blakk Old Blood shall continue the old fashioned ways...with lots of energy and blood! An Upcoming Split with all the above metioned and further bands, such as like Bölzer and Temple of Perversion is planned as wellas another split with the american Black Metal project Black Devotion.



Wrath - review

Lords of metal


Chamber of lost sounds

B  L  A  K  K    O  L  D    B  L  O  O  D 

GOATHAMMER  -  Guitars
DEUS MORTUS  -  Vocals

KORVUS  -  Bass
MENTOR  -  Drums


Greed  (2016 12" on Clavis Secretorvm)
Split with Black Devotion  (2016 7" on Clavis Secretorvm)
Wrath  (2015 self released, tape)
Pride  (2013 self released, tape)